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nimrod. Who, what and why? is an independent fan site, run by François Bonzon - picture on the right - with the help of some friends (see acknowledgments below). Its main purpose is to share with other fans free videos to download, information about Green Day video releases on various formats, and deals to buy or trade them. For general information and news about the band Green Day, see the links page.

If there is anything I can do to improve the site, or you would like to help and contribute, please let us know. We are happy to read your suggestions and comments you may have, and usually reply to you within a day or two. But keep in mind we work on this site only during our free time, and because we like doing it. And we'll keep it that way as long as we're having fun at it.

A bit of history

In the late 90's, has small excerpts of the official TV music videos for download, copied as well on some other Green Day fans sites. Live Green Day videos are pretty much absent on the entire Internet. I have many VHS tapes with Green Day footage, so decide to start my own site. The first page starts in January 1999, with five 30 seconds live videos. The site is then named Green Day Live Videos and hosted here. More and more videos and pages are then added bit by bit. In May 2000, I buy the domain. We celebrate the 100th video in May 2002.

With the site growing success, early 2003, the number of videos available for download is drastically reduced. The web server traffic costs are getting way too high for a free site and its poor student owner ;-) In October 2005, the site even goes completely down for a couple of days, because of Warner complaining to my web host about copyright infringement. It takes several months before the site fully reopens, in June 2006.

The next two years (2007 and 2008) see very low site activity. Like does the Green Day band, silently preparing their new album. Today, Green Day concerts and TV appearances are available online within hours after they end, and I've even seen shows live through With the Web 2.0, peer-to-peer networks, and sites like YouTube, there are so many Green Day videos easily available, far more than on, that our goal focuses on sorting this profusion of material, and offer only the best!


Unless explicitly mentioned, all video files, live MP3 and pictures found here were exclusively created for this site. Videos captured from VHS tapes and DVDs, pictures scanned from magazines or from photos shot ourselves, MP3 encoded from CDs and CD-Rs. Some were even recorded by myself, like the Milano 2000 bootleg Live Without Warning. No file was taken from some other site, so we appreciate you do the same and don't use our stuff without credit. Thank you.


I'd like to give special thanks to the following: Josef F (VHS rip & DVD), Niko (CD/DVD sales and auctions), Paul (guitar tabs), brain stew (DVD rip), Jesus (VHS rip), humbucker (original site logo).

François Bonzon, 04/17/2009
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