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Username:  upload
Password:  murderci2009

This is a write-only FTP account ("drop box"), you can't see the files already uploaded, even yours. Best is to prepare a folder on your computer, and upload it at once.

Have your name in the folder name, or create a text file within the folder with your details (name, e-mail address), so that I can easily recognize your files.

If you need an FTP client, try those free applications:

Another easy way to upload files by FTP, if you have Windows XP or later, is to use the integrated Windows Explorer, and type in the address bar:

Then you are asked to enter the username and password (upload / murderci2009):

FTP login dialog

Finally you get an empty window and are ready to start uploading. Simply drag and drop on there (or copy/paste) a folder from your hard disk, where you prepared all the videos:

FTP upload window

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